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Math Wizard 101 adds free full

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This version has no adds and optional missing number exercises like 5 x _ = 25 and some more animations.Additional functions to the basic version:- Missing number exercises like 5 x _ = 25 - Number series exercises like 2, 4, 6, _, 10- some more motivating animations
Learning Math with lots of fun!With Maths Wizard you will master the calculation of 101, plus, minus and division. Maths Wizard will help you step by step to work on your weaknesses by storing the right answer one level higher and repeating the wrong answers. Maths Wizard will start the game at the same point as you closed it the last time so it will remember your wrong answers and improve learning them.
Maths Wizard is learning with the exact same system as learning with notecards!
New feature: You can now optional display also word problems!
The benefits of learning math with the Maths Wizard in summary:
+ Learning mental math for 101, plus, minus and division+ Learning with system and specifically concentrating on your weaknesses + Range of numbers can be configured+ By closing applications the wrong answers will be asked again in order to improve memorizing them